We believe that cultural and narrative change are critical to political change, and that humor is an effective way to shift culture.

As a creative agency, our work exists in the growing space between advertising and PR. We provide clients and artists from all mediums with new ways to have a social impact at the intersection of public policy, pop culture, and new media.

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We have reached more than one billion people by leveraging social networks and earned media. We’ve mobilized Americans across the country to re-elect President Obama, confronted anti-Muslim bias through a parody sitcom web-series, and inspired women to advocate for just immigration reform.


We provide clients with a roadmap to understand and shift the cultural landscape around their issue or idea and within their field. We write strategy plans that help organizations or sectors more successfully play the long game, as we have seen recently in culture and narrative shifts that paved the way for marriage equality and new marijuana laws.


We bring communities together to galvanize support for new campaigns or strengthen work within a community of practice. Campaign launch events feature compelling performances or presentations and opportunities for face-to-face engagement. Convenings provide innovative opportunities for strategizing and field-building.