Funding Narrative Change

In September of 2022, the Convergence Partnership released Funding Narrative Change: An Assessment and Framework, the first report to focus exclusively on the narrative change funding landscape. Co-authored by Mik Moore, CEO of Moore + Associates, and Rinku Sen, executive director of Narrative Initiative, the widely read report provides insight into the state of the … Read More

Essential Americans

The COVID pandemic introduced Americans to a new phrase: essential workers. These were the people who remained at work despite the dangers of COVID so critical services would continue to be provided. Moore + Associates, with support from the Becoming America fund at the Pop Culture Collaborative, and in partnership with groups like the National … Read More


In 2016, as Trump began to win Republican primaries, Moore + Associates, on behalf of Schlep Labs, was tasked with figuring out how to communicate the dangers of Trumpism to an electorate unused to authoritarian leaders. In partnership with a collection of top Broadway and Hollywood songwriters, we developed Chump, an anti-fascist musical comedy about … Read More

Fedoras For Fairness

In the spring of 2013, Moore + Associates launched Fedoras for Fairness, a campaign to leverage fashion and pop culture to galvanize mainstream support for immigration reform and inform the public about how our current laws were separating families and harming women and children. Working with legendary fashion photographer Albert Watson and well-known entertainers including … Read More

Music For Change

Music and musicians have long played a critical role in social movements through emotionally powerful storytelling and their ability to bring together people across diverse backgrounds. In 2018, these movements are in desperate need of smart, effective cultural allies. Yet those who do this work have been afforded little time or resources to collaborate, share … Read More

Is Greed Still Good?

If liberals control Hollywood, why have so many popular films and TV shows advanced a conservative trickle-down agenda? This video brings to life a cultural audit M+A wrote to explore how shifts in economic policy and public opinion have reflected or influenced pop culture. Produced in 2017 to support the work of Civic Ventures and … Read More

Pop (Culture and Social) Justice: A Learning Exchange

In 2016 Liz Manne Strategy produced a groundbreaking report series titled #PopJustice: Social Justice and the Promise of Pop Culture Strategies. After helping to develop content for the report series as one of its many writers, Moore + Associates was hired by Unbound Philanthropy and The Nathan Cummings Foundation to produce a learning exchange to … Read More

Halal in the Family

This sitcom parody web-series, starring Aasif Mandvi, challenged stereotypes and misinformation about American Muslims. With almost 600 million media impressions, more than 620k online views, and a cutting edge web presence, Halal in the Family offered an effective tool to combat anti-Muslim bias.