She’s not just Hillary Clinton, she’s “the most interesting woman in the world.” Playing off Dos Equis’ legendary ad campaign, James Franco starred in three endorsement videos that generated 7 million organic views plus a $1 million pre-roll ad buy. The campaign was launched with Super PACs  Priorities USA, WomenVote!, and Schlep Labs, to make a positive case for Clinton’s candidacy during an election focused largely on negative messaging. It was named to the list of “Best Political Ads of the 2016 Election Season” by AdForum.

“The endorsement is both fun and functional, in that it makes me laugh at the same time that it reassures me that Clinton is a full-fledged badass, which is exactly what you want out of an endorsement like this.” – Bustle

“One of the most unique and humorous endorsements of this entire political season.” – Reverb Press

“This is just great marketing.” – WebCami

" was starting to feel as if any more Clinton backers would just be white noise in the election… and then James Franco showed up with what is possibly the best Clinton endorsement yet!” – Perez Hilton

“Brilliantly done endorsement for democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton... it’s honestly the best one we’ve seen in a while." – Hello Giggles

“Hilarious, informative, and downright sexy.” – GOOD

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