Funding Narrative Change

In September of 2022, the Convergence Partnership released Funding Narrative Change: An Assessment and Framework, the first report to focus exclusively on the narrative change funding landscape. Co-authored by Mik Moore, CEO of Moore + Associates, and Rinku Sen, executive director of Narrative Initiative, the widely read report provides insight into the state of the … Read More

Gone Native

Gone Native is a series of comedic digital shorts that shine a satirical light on some of the weird microaggressions people make toward Native Americans. In a time where much of the country assumes that Natives still live in teepees like it’s the 1700s, it’s obvious that as a society, we could use a tiny … Read More

Essential Americans

The COVID pandemic introduced Americans to a new phrase: essential workers. These were the people who remained at work despite the dangers of COVID so critical services would continue to be provided. Moore + Associates, with support from the Becoming America fund at the Pop Culture Collaborative, and in partnership with groups like the National … Read More

Murf is Self Medicated

In 2019, comedian Murf Meyer was invited to pitch his stand-up show, Murf Meyer Is Self-Medicated, at the Yes, And… Laughter Lab showcase. Then COVID hit. Moore + Associates worked with Murf to reconceptualize a stand-up show based on his personal experience with drugs and alcohol into a multiplatform storytelling and interview series about addiction … Read More


The Democratic Attorneys General Association (DAGA) wanted to highlight the incredible work of their member AGs in successfully opposing the Trump administration’s efforts to harm vulnerable Americans. So we created DAGA vs MAGA, a mash-up of classic Superfriends-style cartoons and contemporary superhero memes. An all-star line-up of voice actors, including Jon Hamm, Franchesca Ramsey, Jordan … Read More

Yes, And…Laughter Lab

In 2019, Moore + Associates and the Center for Media and Social Impact at American University launched the Yes, And… Laughter Lab. This ongoing collaboration is building a pipeline for the best comedy projects that address and discuss pressing social issues, while creating a new cross-sector practice for comedians, social justice folks, philanthropy, and industry … Read More


During the 2018 election, the non-profit Hillel International was seeking to support student efforts to register new voters and get them to the polls. M+A developed the “MitzVote” campaign and video, presenting a new coming of age ritual to celebrate first time voters. The campaign helped Hillel reach more than one million people, register 20,000 new … Read More

Is Greed Still Good?

If liberals control Hollywood, why have so many popular films and TV shows advanced a conservative trickle-down agenda? This video brings to life a cultural audit M+A wrote to explore how shifts in economic policy and public opinion have reflected or influenced pop culture. Produced in 2017 to support the work of Civic Ventures and … Read More

Let My People Vote

Sarah Silverman’s warning to students, minorities and the elderly about the dangers of new Republican-driven voter ID laws was rated one of Mashable’s most shared videos of the 2012 campaign. With 2.6 million views, LMPV was ranked the top online political ad of the week by the Wall Street Journal.

Halal in the Family

This sitcom parody web-series, starring Aasif Mandvi, challenged stereotypes and misinformation about American Muslims. With almost 600 million media impressions, more than 620k online views, and a cutting edge web presence, Halal in the Family offered an effective tool to combat anti-Muslim bias.