In 2016, as Trump began to win Republican primaries, Moore + Associates, on behalf of Schlep Labs, was tasked with figuring out how to communicate the dangers of Trumpism to an electorate unused to authoritarian leaders. In partnership with a collection of top Broadway and Hollywood songwriters, we developed Chump, an anti-fascist musical comedy about … Read More

Despot or Democracy?

In 2020, voters faced a choice: reelect a despot, or choose democracy. Repurposing one of the most famous anti-fascist speeches in movie history, by Charlie Chaplin in The Great Dictator, Despot Or Democracy forced viewers to consider its relevance today. Distributed by The People for Bernie Sanders and performed by six actors, the video reached … Read More


The Democratic Attorneys General Association (DAGA) wanted to highlight the incredible work of their member AGs in successfully opposing the Trump administration’s efforts to harm vulnerable Americans. So we created DAGA vs MAGA, a mash-up of classic Superfriends-style cartoons and contemporary superhero memes. An all-star line-up of voice actors, including Jon Hamm, Franchesca Ramsey, Jordan … Read More


During the 2018 election, the non-profit Hillel International was seeking to support student efforts to register new voters and get them to the polls. M+A developed the “MitzVote” campaign and video, presenting a new coming of age ritual to celebrate first time voters. The campaign helped Hillel reach more than one million people, register 20,000 new … Read More

The Most Interesting Woman In the World

She’s not just Hillary Clinton, she’s “the most interesting woman in the world.” Playing off Dos Equis’ legendary ad campaign, James Franco starred in three endorsement videos that generated 7 million organic views plus a $1 million pre-roll ad buy. The campaign was launched with Super PACs  Priorities USA, WomenVote!, and Schlep Labs, to make … Read More


In September 2012, with President Barack Obama locked in a tight race for reelection, Moore + Associates collaborator Liz Manne came up with an idea for a series of comedic fact checking videos of his Republican opponent Mitt Romney. Actually… was a partnership between Schlep Labs and American Bridge PAC, with videos featuring Rosie Perez, … Read More

Let My People Vote

Sarah Silverman’s warning to students, minorities and the elderly about the dangers of new Republican-driven voter ID laws was rated one of Mashable’s most shared videos of the 2012 campaign. With 2.6 million views, LMPV was ranked the top online political ad of the week by the Wall Street Journal.

Wake the F*ck Up

Parodying the best-selling faux children’s book “Go the F*ck to Sleep,” Samuel L. Jackson’s uncensored wake-up call for Obama’s base of supporters was one of the most-watched videos of the 2012 election season with nearly 5 million views. WTFU was ranked one of the top 5 online political ads for three weeks in a row … Read More